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Axle Counter Block System DBS-245B / SBS-247A

Axle Counter Block System (ACBS) is used for operation of trains in Single Line and Double Line block sections. ACBS is a modern electronic Signaling system designed with CMOS IC Circuits. The IC circuits are suitably interfaced with interlocking relays of block working.

The equipment consist off:
          1. Universal Axle Counter
          2. Multiplexer
          3. S.M's panel
          4. Pre wired rack with "Q" type interlocking relays
The ACBS system uses 1 Quad PET cable and works on the principle of one Line Clear and one train movement in block section. The Line Clear is to be taken by SM on panel by means of push buttons. "Train on Line" and "Line Closed" conditions are achieved automatically on SM Panel by the train movement into / out of the block section respectively.

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