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Electronic Systems Group
This Unit of the company is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of Railway signaling and safety equipment and other electronic products.


Axle Counter
Axle Counter detects the presence of a train in any specified track section replacing the existing DC track circuiting more advantageously for monitoring the complete track section. The track section can be platform, point zone, yard and block section. The system is highly reliable, easy to install and fail safe. Electronic Junction Boxes at track side generate barrier signal of 5KHz which are fed to the Rail Mounted TX & RX Coils at Entry and Exit detection points of section independently. When each wheel of the train passes over the detection point, the carrier signal is modulated in the RX Coils. The modulated signal is sent over a cable to the Axle Counter. These signals are demodulated and processed in the evaluator of the Axle Counter to generate "In Counts" and "Out Counts" . The evaluator compares "In and Out Counts" and drives two relays called EVR and SUPR , in case of count equality at supervisory levels becoming normal respectively.

The track section is shown as "Clear" when both relays are picked up. Otherwise track section is shown as "Occupied" . The supervisory relay is driven only when all the functions of supervisory circuits are working normal for each train movement. This ensures fail safety.


  • Track Circuiting for a straight section or point zone.
  • Automatic Signaling.
  • Block Proving using Axle Counters.
  • Intermediate Block Signaling (IBS).


  • Eliminates the need for wooden sleepers.
  • Monitors section length upto 15kms.
  • Centrally powered battery of 24V/80AH or 120AH.
  • Single Rail Clamp with fixed stagger between Transducers.
  • User selectible configuration for point zones.
  • Simultaneous In/Out Counts from various detection points.
  • Digital display of IN & OUT Counts for easy readout.
  • Opto - Isolated relay drive for noisy immunity.
  • Green/Red LED indication for track clear/occupied status.
  • Special shielding for operation in 25KV AC traction areas.
  • High Availability (MTBF > 10 6 hours)
  • Modular Design for easy maintenance.
  • Reset facility for maintenance.
1. No. of Detection Points 2/3/4
2. Maximum Train Speed 200 Kmph
3. Counting Capacity 1023
4. Transmission Media Telecom Cable
5. Max. Line Attenuation (over cable) 20 db
6. Signal Input (5KHz Sinusoidal) 150 mV rms (Min.) to
7. Relay Drive Voltage for 1000 ohm
Shelf type 4F/4B relay or QS3 relay
1500 mV rms (Max.)
8. Power Requirement Evaluator >10V
  Junction Box 24V (21.6-28.8VDC)
  Reset Box 1.0 Amp for 2 detection point
    1.5 Amp for 3/4 detection point
9. Environmental 200 mA /500 mA (Momentary Only)
  Temperature Range 0ºC to +60ºC
  Relative Humidity 95% to 98% Non-condensing
10. Dimensions Width      Depth      Height
  Axle Counter 570mm * 645mm * 1065mm
  Junction Box 207mm * 280mm * 170mm

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