Microwave Electronics

Phase shifters are critical elements for electronically scanned phased array antennas that allow the antenna beam to be steered in the desired direction without physically re-positioning the antenna. Electronic phase shifters assumed special significance because of their potential utility and volume requirement in phased array antenna systems for inertia less scanning.

CEL is one of the very few companies, worldwide, that have pioneered the production of the ferrite phase shifters for C- and X- bands. The ferrite phase shifter supplied by CEL is an indigenously developed product and CEL is totally self reliant for various materials/components used in the design.

CEL has developed various production facilities for meeting the bulk demand of the phase shifters. The measurement of the phase shifter is fully automated using customized software

CEL can take up development work on ferrite phase shifters with customized specifications. Indigenous design, hence can be customised as per the user requirement.



    • CEL's product is one of the few indigenously developed product inducted by Indian Defence.
    • Indigenous design, hence can be customised as per the user requirement
    • CEL is sole manufacturer of ferrite based PCM with quality comparable with that available internationally.



      • Latching
      • Reciprocal
      • Low insertion loss
      • Fast switching


Electronic Scanning Phased Array Antenna Systems


Parameter C-Band X-Band
Bandwidth 500 MHz 500 MHz
Min. Differential Phase Shift 354.5° 354.5°
VSWR (max.) 1.9 1.9
Average RF Power (in watts) 10 8
Peak RF Power (in watts) 250 150
DC Switching Power (Watt) 3 1.5
Switching time (m sec) 150 150
Insertion Loss (dB) Max. (at 20°C) 0.85 1.0
Insertion Loss (dB) Max. (at 0,40,60°C) 1.20 1.25
Polarization Linear Linear
Operating Temp (° C) 0 to 60 0 to 60
 Weight (gms.) 100 80

* CEL reserves the right to change the specifications without notice


  • Design and development of ferrite based components for microwave applications
  • Design and development of dielectrics of required shapes for microwave applications
  • Capability to machine (with mirror finish) complex shapes of ferrite and dielectics used for microwave applications