Central Electronics Limited

A Govt. of India Enterprise Under DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology.


DAC-232 allows CEL to provide communication interface other than FSK for its axle counters. What it does is provide the generic RS-232 interface for the communication link between axle counters. These can then be used for any other types of interfaces. Some of the features and capabilities that it enables are:

Ø  A pair of DAC - 232 can be used as a repeater for the communication of digital axle counters. When used in this manner, it can overcome the problem of block sections longer than 20km or when the cable loss is more than 30dB even in shorter sections. As DAC-232 is DIN-Rail mounted, it is easier to install it in a gate gumti.

Ø  It can be interfaced with wireless radios and can be used for axle counters when there is no copper cable in the section or during a cable cut.

Ø  It can also be interfaced with a serial to optical interface converter and the axle counters can be worked on dark fiber.